Helping you fund your passion FIRES us up.

We help non-profits get funded because we want to see the world become a better place.

Cliche? Perhaps.
True? One thousand percent.

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our vision

Money shouldn’t stop people like you from changing the world.

We envision a better world:
Where money is transformed into good.
Where the hungry are fed. The sick are cared for. And everyone has access to health, education, employment, and inclusion.
Where people like you can take their ideas and make them happen.
Where amazing organizations can stop stressing about dollars and focus on changing the world.
Because your non-profit deserves to grow. To expand its reach. To create and fund new programs.

To change the world.

our mission

More good. Less nail-biting about how to fund it.

We’re here to help you raise more money so you can go stop worrying about your bank account balance. So you can do what you’re good at — making the world a better, happier place.

We’ve seen it all.

The biggest no-nos and the little-known secrets to a non-profit’s success.

We’ve developed proven strategies to raise millions of dollars, and mapped out a path to viable, consistent funding.

In short: we make sure your NPO succeeds.

We focus on capacity building, sustainability, and creating platforms for long-term growth, because you deserve success now and in the future.

We want your organization to skip years of mistake-making.

Get FundSource26 onboard.
We’re in it to help you make a difference.

Let her handle your fundraising

I have worked with Batya for fifteen years, and she is amazing at what she does!

Let Batya handle your funding opportunities, not only will she excel at it a lot more than you can ever wish for, but it will free you up to excel at your activities with a lot more peace of mind.

We all follow a mission statement. For Batya, it is about enabling you to achieve your goals by allowing you to focus on what you’re good at.

Mordechai Beck

CFO, Yaldei Developmental Centre

our team

The experts you need to make change happen.

This power team landed HUGE gifts for non-profits like yours. Gifts some NPOs can only dream of.
And we can do it for you.

Meet Batya.

Founder & CEO

Batya W


Batya is the brains behind $40M raised.

You can’t help but get swept up by her enthusiasm and passion. She’s the go-to fundraising strategist with a heart as impressive as her expertise.

Batya provides leadership, strategic direction and manages the overall operations of the company. She ensures that each and every client’s funding potential is maximized.

Over the past 19 years, she’s raised over $40,000,000 dollars, consulted privately for amazing organizations, and landed hundreds of 5, 6, and 7-figure grants.

Fueled by: A SERIOUS passion to repair and improve the world. Each cha-ching in your bank account makes her dance

Credentials: Executive MBA, 19+ years hands-on experience in fundraising


Meet Penny

Senior Grant Development Manager (AKA Ops Manager & Proposal Pro)

From her family farm in southern Alberta, Penny develops winning grant proposals for NPOs and oversees day-to-day operations at FundSource 26. Her attention to detail contributes to proposals turning to first-place-gold (or, cold hard cash).

One thing’s certain: she’ll never leave a project unfinished.

Fueled by: the excitement of enabling NPO programs to have a wider reach and greater impact

Credentials: MSc Neuroscience, Indigenous Canada Course (UofA) Scientist Knowledge Translation Training (Alberta Innovates) and 16 years of in-the-trenches grant facilitation.

Meet Penny

Senior Grant Development Manager


Meet Jemima


Jemima uses strategic research to identify grant and funding opportunities that are heaven-made matches for our clients.

Her genuine curiosity and love for learning enhance her reports and the support she brings to our team.

Fueled by: The little impact that adds up.

Credentials: Years of international experience in various non-profit roles managing grants, deploying stakeholder engagement strategies, and ensuring strict budget utilization.

Meet Jemima

Grant Research and Development Specialist


Meet Jenna.

Grant Development Specialist (AKA Funds Sourcer)

Jenna has always taken action towards achieving her dream of changing the world. She attended a City Council meeting as a young girl — she spoke up, despite her fears — to fight for change, and has continued to persistently campaign for betterment in her 9+ years in the charitable sector. Through developing authentic relationships with funders and telling compelling stories of impact, she crafts grants that enable other champions of good to do more of their work.

Fueled by: Generating funds that enable exponential growth of the good work being done

Credentials: Blackbaud Fundamentals Certification, 9+ years in the charitable sector, including healthcare, arts, and human services organizations, and 3+ years of not-for-profit management experience.

Meet Jenna

Grant Development Specialist


Meet Emily

(AKA Connections Crafter)


Emily was always interested in helping professions, and she turned her passion for music and ability to listen — and really hear what’s being shared — into a music therapy career, which eventually led her to grant fundraising. When she’s not crafting creative funding solutions for clients, she can be found whipping up some delicious baked goods.

Fueled by: connection with people over shared passions and always, the joy of helping another.

Credentials: Music therapist turned music therapy fundraiser turned grant expert.

Meet Emily

Grant Development Specialist


Meet Francesca



Francesca's unique ability to bridge communities, combined with her genuine drive to help, result in targeted grant strategies for her clients.

Her inquisitive nature fuels her research, uncovering grants and funding avenues aligned with her clients' organizational objectives, so they can focus on what they do best, without financial roadblocks. 

When she’s not at her desk, you might find her at a concert — on stage or in the audience — or just jamming with her friends.

Fueled by: Serving various communities and seeing them flourish.

Credentials: Bachelors in Political Science, experience as a board director, vice president and administrator for nonprofits.

Meet Francesca

Grant Research Specialist


Meet Pamela

Grant Development Specialist (AKA Opportunity Seeker)

Pamela’s strong sense of justice, understanding of people, and prior experience in a school’s financial office, flavor her work at FundSource26 with passion and insight. Her superpowers are her deep desire to really understand the person on the other side of the desk, coupled with strong writing skills — the making of a grant development master.

When she’s not strategizing winning grants, she may be pursuing her passions — mental health research, or engaging in the arts.

Fueled by: A love of people, love of language, and love of good in the world — and wise grandparents’ guidance.

Credentials: MA in English Literature, AA in sociology, published author.

Meet Pamela

Grant Development Specialist


Meet Tal.


Tal is our numbers-cruncher. He’s uber-creative and probably knows more about Excel than pretty much anyone.

He uses pivot tables to tell stories, and takes care of financial planning, management, and analysis. He oversees and supports the team with all things financial.

Fueled by: Iron-strong loyalty to the cause of helping non-profits

Credentials: Chartered Accountant, Bachelor of Commerce with Accounting Major, Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting, Advanced Certificate in Auditing

Meet Tal



Meet Sarvesh

Graphic Designer (AKA art ninja)

Sarvesh has a knack for crafting designs that make foundations go “whoa!".

His magic touch will transform your flyers, brochures, slide decks, proposals, and more.

Fueled by: Enabling do-gooders to keep humanity alive and kicking

Credentials: MBA, Diploma in Multimedia

Meet Sarvesh

Graphic Designer


Meet Aycha.


Aycha gives a voice to organizations, small and large, in any language. She translates, writes, edits, and consults to create your unique Voice.

A voice that tells your mission to the world.

Fueled by: A passion for building a better world, one word at a time

Credentials: Master's in Conflict Studies and Translation

Meet Aycha



We guarantee you will not lose money on this.

We stand behind our work. So we guarantee we will at least pay for our service.

If you do not receive at least the cost of the Done-For-You Implementation package annual fee in financial commitments, we will continue to work for free identifying grants and submitting applications until you make back your investment.

We usually 10x an organization’s investment — or more. That’s why we’re 100% confident in our services and offer you this guarantee.


We like to win. And we know what it takes.


Focus on (excellent) results

We like plans. We like actions better. And we LOVE results. High-quality results. There’s a reason we’ve got a reputation for overdelivering.



We care. We’re *really* here to help you make the world a better place. It’s as simple as that. Every day, we ask ourselves, “What could the world look like if THIS happens?”



Teamwork powers growth. That’s why we’re selective when it comes to clients. Because we join your team like we’re in-house. We celebrate your wins like our own. And we work as a team to help you make the world a better place.

Winning attitude

We’re in it to win it. (And not just because that rhymes.) We’re motivated, high-achievers. We bring positive energy to our desks – along with our coffee – every time we sit down to work.

Leading the curve

We keep our finger firmly on the pulsing heart of the NPO world, and stay up to date on the trends. We invest in our team’s learning and skills. We reject staleness. And we lean into fresh ideas — new opportunities, new technologies, new approaches. We lead the change.

“Critical to organizational growth”

Batya gave me the clarity I was seeking for — literally — years. Work with Batya. She offers years of experience in areas most critical to organizational growth.

Miriam Leah Gamliel

Founder & Director of Atara Arts

“The sky’s the limit”

Batya is an incredible resource. She’s attentive and present. She’s really a wealth of knowledge and a trusted advisor for me in terms of grants, and how we can really maximize the implementation of these projects, and where we can take them. The sky’s the limit, she’s enthusiastic. She is a great asset to us at the Friendship Circle.

Robyn Bennet

Director of Programming at the Friendship Circle

We can’t wait to meet you.
The world can’t wait, either.